• The Piu - Rose Wine En Blooming Brightening Wrinkle Mask (10pcs)

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    Soaked in powerful ingredients, single-use sheet masks are like an “ala carte” version of serums that can be used as needed. Infused with several functions of serums that will boost your skin with soothing, nourishing, and revitalizing effects. A must use item for post laser treatment. Put the mask in the refrigerator before use.

    1 box = 10pcs

    All skin type


    1. After Antioxidant Complex Booster, gently unfold mask and place on the face, using the eye area to align correctly
    2. Throw the mask away, tap the remaining serum with your fingertips until all the product is absorbed.


    The Piu inouïbelle is an antioxidant-based facial care line, devoted to giving the highest quality using natural ingredients. Every product is alcohol, soap, sulfate-free; made using the finest, most beneficial plants and herbs. Over time, the earth’s particulate pollutant increases, especially evident in industrial and metropolitan areas. These, along with sun exposure, contributes to our body’s external oxidative stress. We believe the skin, being the outermost layer of the body, are exposed extremely to this external oxidative stress which causes premature skin aging. Thus, protection from antioxidant-based skin care products which are targeted to fight this oxidative stress is a necessity.


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