• Skin Inc - Complete Home Treatment Kit

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    Complete Home Treatment Kit

    Your favorite Skin Inc products now come in a bundle!

    Treat your skin well even during a pandemic with Skin Inc Home Treatment Kits.

    Best value for money. No going out needed. Can be used anytime, anywhere.

     Complete Home Treatment Kit includes:

    • Skin Inc - Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++ USB Rose Gold Chrome

    • Skin Inc - Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

    • Skin Inc - My Daily Dose® Serum of your choice:

    1. Glow Wonder Serum - Illuminate & Brighten 20 ML

    2. Vitamins ABC+ Wonder Serum - Balance & Detox 20 ML

    3. Uplift - Smooth and Lift 20 ML

    4. Armour 20 ML


    • Skin Inc Facial-In-a-Mask of your choice:

    1. Get Glowin® Platinum Mask

    2. Lines Be-Gone Rose Gold Mask

    3. Soothe-N-Purify Black Gold Mask

    (from 5,795,000 now only 4,599,000)


    Step 1: Start with a clean and toned face

    Step 2: Use Skin Inc My Daily Dose®️ Serum based on what your skin needs

    Step 3: When the serum is fully absorbed, apply Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Mask on your face

    Step 4: Use Skin Inc - Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++ USB Rose Gold Chrome in a gentle, circular motion all over the face.
    - Choose the LED light color based on your skin needs; you can use up to two LED lights (10 mins each light, total 20 minutes usage per day).

    - Skin Inc - Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++ USB Rose Gold Chrome comes with 5 LED lights with five different benefits:

    RED is for REVIVE
    BLUE is for SOOTHE
    YELLOW is for GLOW

    - USE with any water-based skincare products.

    - To use with oil-based products, click the S button once AFTER you switch on the device. (This is to turn off the Ultrasound).

    - For PREGNANT WOMEN; press S button AFTER you turn on the device.
    This device is safe to use for nursing/breastfeeding women.

    OPTIONAL STEP: Use the Skin Inc - Facial-in-a-Flash AFTER your Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++ USB Rose Gold Chrome routine OR use it together with Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++ USB Rose Gold Chrome.


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