• Miwaji - Mini Serum Night Recharge Set

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    An ultimate experience that comes with  Korea’s top notch Hyalu Serum Veil, to recharge and rejuvenate your skin overnight.



    Hyalu Serum Veil - 5ml

    - Korea’s #1 Hyaluronic Acid Serum Veil. Best anti-aging serum. 


    100% Italian Silk Pillowcase

    - Silk fabric is less absorbent than other fabric types, so Miwaji Serum does not leave the face and gets absorbed in your pillow. This silk pillowcase can help to reduce friction, which also stretches and tugs on delicate facial skin.

    Dimensions: 75 cm x 55 cm


    100% Italian Silk Scrunchie

    - This scrunchie is designed to reduce damage, breakage & hair fall.

    Dimensions: Diameter 12 cm


    Satin Sleep Mask

    - This satin sleep mask blocks out light, so your beauty sleep is not interrupted. With high-quality satin material, it can also help to reduce friction, so fine lines and under eye wrinkles will not form.

    Comes with an elastic band for a more comfortable fit.

    Dimensions: Length 19 cm


    Silver Face Massager

    - Adopting microcurrent, effectively beautifies your face & helps skincare absorption. This massager helps to release tension and reduce facial puffiness for firm and tight skin over time. 

    Dimensions: Length 13 cm


    Deep Sleep Linen Mist - 100ml

    - Scented mist with wood, sage & sea salt to help you relax so you can get your beauty sleep. This linen mist also has therapeutic properties, and can be sprayed on your pillow 10 minutes before bedtime.


    Miwaji Silver Satin Pouch

    - Dimensions: 25 cm x 34cm. Comes with a Miwaji drawstring.


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