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    Backed by leading dermatologists, Leegeehaam (LGH) Cosmetics, formerly Leejiham (LJH) Cosmetics, was first established in year 2000 and it pioneered the concept of cosmeceutical in Korea with its innovative and advanced products, each specialized in treating specific skin concern.
    With its slogan, “Beauty is Clever” it is sustaining the best efforts to develop advanced and effective, yet safe and clever skin care for delivering enhanced appearance to every person.
    What is more, Leegeehaam(LGH) Research & Development Center is playing an important role in developing more professional skin care by carrying out systematic and scientific research on formula to create highly sought-after products around the world.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
    A mild sub-acidic foam cleanser that gently deep cleanses impurities on skin, containing 30% of tea tree extract and calming sensitive trouble skin after wash. It is recommended for all skin types including the sensitive skins.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner
    A gentle, hydrating toner formulated with 70% soothing tea tree extract and betaine salicylate, which exfoliates dead skin cells helps to minimize breakout for more even-toned, radiant skin.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree 95 Essence
    A soothing facial essence containing 95% tea tree extract to calm and soothe blemish-prone skin. For all skin types including sensitive skin.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree 80 Cream
    A lightweight refreshing cream containing 80% tea tree extract that provides long-lasting, soothing hydration without heaviness.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree Spot
    A topical spot treatment essence containing 70% tea tree extract. This treatment helps to minimize and soothe breakouts and blemishes. It is easy to apply with the injection type packaging. With “Velvet Matrix Technology”, it covers troubles gently for soothing.

    Blemish prone, sensitive, acne prone skin

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
    1) Dispense an appropriate amount into palm and foam with water.
    2) Gently massage the face in circular motions and rinse with warm water

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner
    1) Soak onto a cotton pad 
    2) Gently swipe over cleansed face or dispense onto finger tips and gently pat in until absorbed.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree 95 Essence
    1) Pump a dime-sized amount into palms and pat gently onto cleansed toned skin.
    2) Follow with your moisturizer.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree 80 Cream
    1) Soothe and pat a dime-sized amount on face and neck. 
    2) Use after Tea Tree 95 Essence for best results.

    Leegeehaam Tea Tree Spot
    1) Dispense a pea-sized amount and apply to blemish-prone areas as needed.


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