• Huxley - Secret of Sahara Essence; Brightly Ever After

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    A highly concentrated brightening essence with ingredients that protect skin from polluted environments and stress. It delivers a refined, bright, and radiant look.

    The hero ingredient Sahara Cactus Seed Oil, a non-comedogenic oil high in Vit E and antioxidants, is revered for its ability to quickly absorb into skin without leaving a greasy redisue, while imparting lasting hydration and protecting the skin from stress and ageing with its high concentration of antioxidants.

    It also contains gluthatione with excellent brightening effect and Odeetox with outstanding anti-pollution effect.


    BPOM NO. NA 26181901127


    All skin types but works better for dull skin.


    1) After cleansing and toning, apply a few drops of the essence to the face and pat gently.
    2) Follow with the rest skincare routine or with a moisturizer.


    CACTUS EXTRACT / PRICKLY PEAR SEED OIL  Moisturizes skin / Antioxidant  

    NIACINAMIDE  Brightens skin

    OdeetoxTM  Inhibits melanin / Antioxidant / Anti-pollution

    GLUTATHIONE  Improves skin tone / Detoxifies skin

    BISABOLOL  Brightens / soothes skin


    The true beauty, Huxley.

    As the “Brave New World” that author Aldous Leonard Huxley predicted becomes a reality today, “Huxley” is born. Inspired by and named after this visionary, Huxley aims to introduce the best genuine products amid a flood of irrelevant cosmetic information. "Huxley” is a new and special skincare brand that takes the natural value of skin as its top priority and pursues the true beauty.


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