• Hey, Glow Starter Kit 5

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    #GLOWTOBER is here!

    Celebrate your skin this month with Hey, Glow’s favorite products in a VERY GOOD DEAL


    This Kit contains:

    1. Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist

    A unique gel-to-liquid facial mist that helps to open up pores for better skin care absorption. Great to use as a facial toner or your daily facial mist! Comes in a pocket-friendly size, making this product easy to bring and use anywhere, anytime.

    Hero ingredients: Amino Acid Complex, Liposomal Ceramide, Magnolia Berry Extract

    2. BY ECOM Best Ampoule Kit

    Consist of 3 best-selling ampoules from BY ECOM. Heartleaf Ampoule to take care of the pores, Honey Glow Ampoule to bring back skin’s elasticity and give your skin natural glow, Pure Calming Ampoule to calm and hydrate your skin.

    Hero ingredients:

    Heartleaf Ampoule: 78% of Houttuynia Cordata Extracts

    Honey Glow Ampoule: Propolis Extract, Blueberry Extract

    Pure Calming Ampoule: Centella Asiatica Extract, Tea Tree Extract

    3. FEMMUE Dream Glow Mask Revitalize Radiance (2pcs)

    Using a dried bio-cellulose sheet, FEMMUE Dream Glow Mask helps to deliver the amazing ingredients to the skin more effectively. The Revitalize Radiance contains skin-brightening agents to evens out skin while providing clean and clear skin.

    Hero ingredients: Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine


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