• Hey, Glow Starter Kit 4

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    #GLOWTOBER is here!

    Celebrate your skin this month with Hey, Glow’s favorite products in a VERY GOOD DEAL


    This Kit contains:

    1. Rayou Set

    This set includes Rayou Wipe Off and Rayou Cleanser, the perfect match for your fuss-free lifestyle. Rayou Wipe Off is a reusable cloth that works as the first cleanser to get rid of all makeup, dirt, sweat, and oil from your face while the Rayou Cleanser is specially made to help clean it.

    Hero ingredients: Hypoallergenic Cotton

    2. FEMMUE Eau de Camelia Mini

    This isn’t your ordinary facial toner, this one is better. Made from dried Camellia flower petals, this toner helps to revitalize your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. It also works to calm and soothe troubled skin, especially skin that is exposed to environmental aggressors and harsh water.

    Hero ingredients: Camellia Flower Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Soybean Extract

    3. Eco Your Skin Bedside Mask Lavender Milk

    A calming lavender and milk sleeping mask with soothing floral scent, perfect for people who struggle with busy days and restless nights. Put this on at night to wake up with a clear, smooth complexion in the morning.

    Hero ingredients: Milk proteins, Salicylic acids, Amino acids


    Step 1: Clean your face with Rayou Wipe Off

    Step 2: FEMMUE Eau de Camelia Mini

    Step 3: Eco Your Skin Bedside Mask Lavender Milk


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