• Hey, Glow - 4 in 1 Energizing Beauty Bar

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    Revitalize your skin with 4 type of face massager in one energizing beauty bar.

    Equipped with a vibration frequency of 6000 times per minute to lift your face and reduce wrinkles, while you relax your face muscles.


    • “O” Shaped Face Massager
      Made with high quality Rose Quartz crystal to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Helps with better absorption of skincare products to the skin.

    • “Drip” Shaped Face Massager
      Improves skin firmness and reduces wrinkles. Massage your face, eyes area, lips area, forehead and neck area.

    • “T” Shaped Face Massager
      Suitable for neck area. Roll around from your shoulder to upper neck area to reduce puffiness and define your neck shape.

    • “U” Shaped Face Massager
      Contour and shape your face while improving the texture of your skin. Comfortable to roll around your jaw and cheek bone area.


    Power Source : 1x AA Battery (included)


    1 box contains :
    - 1 pc Energizing Beauty Bar

    - 4 pcs detachable face massager

    - 1 pc AA Battery



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