• Glowgene - Marine Glow Bundle

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    Accomplish a healthy and glowing skin with the goodness from the sea with seaweed extract in Phykology Seaweed Bubble Clay Mask and Marine Collagen in Glowgene Beauty Shot.

    Contains :

    1 Box of Glowgene Beauty Shot (15 pcs)
    2 sachets of Phykology Seaweed Bubble Clay Mask


    Glowgene Beauty Shot :

    No water or shakers required. Immediately consume after opening. Consume once or twice a day.

    Phykology Seaweed Bubble Clay Mask:

    1) Put on the mask after you cleanse your face.
    2) When the clay meets with your skin, it will turn into micro bubbles.  These bubbles allow out clay to work all the way so that you can just sit and wait.
    3) To clean, gently wash your face with lukewarm water. Unlike normal clay, our seaweed bubble clay will be gone in a flash!


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