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    Just Lumiere includes:

    1. Lumière Refiner 16ml
    2. Lumière Vital C 30ml
    3. Lumiere Vital Cream 5gr


    Combination of gentle exfoliant, a purifying toner, and hydrating serum in one go. This powerful multi-active first essence is made with innovative botanical ingredients specially formulated to hydrate, brighten, restore balance to skin & even skin texture for a healthy glow. Skin feels healthier & firmer over time.

    Enriched with:
    AHA (plant-based) to remove dead skin cells & sebum
    Narcissus Flower extract and Bush Clover extract enhance the skin’s ability to attract and retain hydration.
    Stable Vitamin C Derivative (Ascorbyl Glucoside) supports cellular renewal and evens skin tone.


    Femmue Lumiere Vital C Serum employs a stabilized vitamin C derivative, which effectively helps even skin tone, brighten dark spots, and refine texture. Tocopherol, safflower seed oil, and alpha-bisabolol work together to bring back skin's own natural radiance. Hyaluronic acid and panthenol also imparts moisture and Centella Asiatica comforts and soothes skin.

    The exquisite Lumière Vital Cream, infused with powerful botanicals ingredients that moisturize & brighten the skin leaving it looking smoother and firmer. The rich yet gel-cream texture glides on luxuriously. Rich antioxidants from Narcissus, Bush Clover, and Camellia extract promote a brighter and tighter appearance.

    Pembersih bertekstur balm mewah yang dapat bertransformasi dari jeli menjadi light oil kemudian milky. Cleansing balm ini dapat meluruhkan semua make-up, kotoran dan polusi. Formulanya yang ringan dan tidak membuat kulit berminyak dan tetap melembabkan kulit, membersihkan secara efektif - menunjukkan hasil akhir healthy glowing yang segar. Tak hanya sebagai pembersih pori-pori, ia juga dapat digunakan sebagai masker yang melembabkan dan menghaluskan kulit.

    Enriched with:
    Narcissus and Bush Clover soothe visible redness and prevent the blue light.
    Stable Vitamin C Derivative (Ascorbyl Glucoside) recharges and softens the look of rough and uneven skin tone for a more luminous and youthful glow.
    Bisabolol: An extract of German Chamomiles known to soften and soothe dry skin


    High-powered flower therapy.
    Natural formulas, decadent textures, and powerful results.
    Femmue's botanical formulas transport us to the most refreshing places in nature – a lakeside with an abundance of grand trees, a garden with dewy fresh cut flowers, and waterfalls dotted with fresh spring blooms. The natural benefits of exquisite flowers such as roses, camellia, jasmine, and lavender are carefully extracted in their most potent forms to fully renew and transform skin while invoking a luxurious spa-like sensation.


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