• Femmue - HEYGLOW Exclusive - Serum Oil Trial Kit

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    Inside the bundle:

    Lumière Vital C 5ml
    Ideal Oil 5ml
    FEMMUE Products in a Pouch*

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    Lumiere Vital C 5ml

    It is very difficult to maintain or restore the translucent shine of youthful skin. Over time, as pollutants, stress, and skin turnover and regeneration take their toll, skin becomes rougher in texture, cloudier, duller and less refined. Child-like inner radiance is often lost. 

    Femmue Lumiere Vital C Serum can help turn back the hands of time and restore that radiance of youth. 

    Femmue Lumiere Vital C Serum employs a stabilized vitamin C derivative, which effectively helps even skin tone, brighten dark spots, and refine texture. Tocopherol, safflower seed oil, and alpha-bisabolol work together to bring back skin's own natural radiance. Hyaluronic acid and panthenol also imparts moisture and centella asiatica comforts and soothes skin. 

    Who we recommend this for: if you want to incorporate vitamin C into your routine, but haven't found one that doesn't irritate skin or want one that will be gentle while delivering the benefits of vitamin C, this is the serum for you. 


    All skin type

    Ideal Oil 5ml

    100% naturally derived, this magical concoction is a blend of 67% pure camelia oil harnessed from pristine Jeju Island, working together with other superb oils like olive, rosa, grapeseed, and jasmine as well as vitamin E to help combat aging and help firm skin. The oil sinks into skin quickly and leaves the skin smooth, non-greasy, and calm. The texture almost feels like a serum in that it's lightweight yet rich. This ideal oil is ideal for all skin types, and mixes well with other products. 

    Scent: geranium oil, white sandalwood oil and jasmine oils transport you to a pine forest filled with fresh flowers. The subtle scent leaves a small lovely trace that isn't overwhelming or heavy. 


    All skin type


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