• Femmue - Energy Hand Cream

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    Other than hand sanitizers and masks, Femmue Energy Hand Cream is the next item that should always be ready in your purse for this 'new normal' era. Cleaning your hands often, be it with hand sanitizers or under running water with soap, can really dry your skin. Moisturize your hands with this light textured hand cream that is formulated with 99.9% natural origins. It is composed mainly with lemongrass and jasmine, as well as herb essential oil.

    This water-based cream is absorbed into the skin quickly with maximum hydration It is packed with skin-conditioning agents, humectants (moisturizing skin without leaving greasy residue), and pH adjusters, making it friendly for oily-skin types.


    All skin types


    Take a few drops of cream on your hands and rub all over. Use everytime you feel like your hands need moisturizing.


    High-powered flower therapy. Natural formulas, decadent textures, and powerful results. Femmue's botanical formulas transport us to the most refreshing places in nature – a lakeside with an abundance of grand trees, a garden with dewy fresh cut flowers, and waterfalls dotted with fresh spring blooms. The natural benefits of exquisite flowers such as roses, camellia, jasmine, and lavender are carefully extracted in their most potent forms to fully renew and transform skin while invoking a luxurious spa-like sensation.


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