• Eco Your Skin - Layering Essence Spot Care Ringer Drip

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    This Layering Essence is like a liquid supplement for skin. This innovative blend helps strengthen the skin barrier while combating harmful environmental aggressors to reduce skin stress. This nutritious liquid is also effective for helping improve lines, skin pigmentation and reduces damage from UV rays. Comes with empty bottle to save the rest of the goodness for later.


    All skin type especially aging and dull skin


    1) After cleansing and toning, use as an essence. 
    2) Pat into skin. You can use one layer for a light refresh, or as many layers (that is, the whole bag of liquid in one go!) as desired for a more intensive effect. If just a few layers are patted on like an essence, follow up with remaining steps of your skincare routine; Carefully pour whatever essence you don't use in the bottle provided for later use. If everything is used in one-go, your skin will be so hydrated, you won't need to follow-up with anything else.




    Opening their first spa in Manhattan, NY 1992, Eco Your Skin remains at the forefront of organic spa trends with their consulting know-how and innovative, personalized approach to skin. For the past 20 years, Eco Your Skin has met every kind of skin ailment through their customers and have formulated solutions for them. The products are so vetted and sophisticated, customers feel the difference. Every product includes natural botanicals and extracts that provide powerful, yet gentle skin healing benefits.


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