• Eco Your Skin - Facial Pilates Kit

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    Memperkenalkan Facial Pilates  Kit.
    Rahasia untuk tampil awet muda.

    Tahukah kamu ada banyak otot di wajah yang memerlukan perawatan? Lakukan perawatan wajah dimulai dari rumah dengan Facial Pilates Kit!

    Satu set dilengkapi dengan:
    - Facial Pilates Band
    Efektif untuk merenggangkan otot wajah dan pipi.
    - Facial Pilates Ball
    Bola pijat untuk relaksasi otot sekitar wajah.


    Step 1
    Facial Pilates Band
    Tempelkan pilates band ke wajah, tarik band untuk merenggangkan otot wajah.

    Step 2
    Facial Pilates Ball
    Aplikasikan pilates ball di daerah wajah seperti pipi, putar perlahan untuk relaksasi otot wajah.


    Opening their first spa in Manhattan, NY 1992, Eco Your Skin remains at the forefront of organic spa trends with their consulting know-how and innovative, personalized approach to skin. For the past 20 years, Eco Your Skin has met every kind of skin ailment through their customers and have formulated solutions for them. The products are so vetted and sophisticated, customers feel the difference. Every product includes natural botanicals and extracts that provide powerful, yet gentle skin healing benefits.


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