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    Don't neglect your body skin! Protect and nourish it with Body Skin Defense bundle.

    Mix Booster Serum VItamin B5 Shot into your Kombucha Corset Essence Body Mist, then shake well before using it on your body.

    Eco Your Skin Kombucha Corset Essence Body Mist:

    Expired Date : 31-May-2024

    PAO 6 Bulan

    It is a body essence mist that delivers slimming effects formulated with trendy diet tea ‘Kombucha’.This tea is loved by Hollywood stars of the United States and they drink this tea for their beautiful body silhouette. It is infused with high concentration of ginkgo leaf and ginkgo extract, which boosts blood circulation. Also it relieves muscle tension caused by rigid posture or too much exercise. This essence mist is a product called lymphatic essence among the esthetics because, it is effective for the lymph circulation which discharges toxins and waste which boosts slimming effect.

    It is made of a mist container that is easy to carry and easy to use. It is made of a special mist pump that can come out even when it is sprayed upside down.


    SKIN TYPE: All skin type

    Eco Your Skin Booster Serum Vitamin B5 Shot :

    PAO 6 Bulan

    This highly-concentrated booster-serum is like a vitamin pack for skin. Like a burst of energy for the skin, Vitamin B5 is known to bring moisture from within cells onto the skin surface for a well hydrated complexion. Also known as anti-stress vitamin, (B vitamins are often used as a "hangover cure'), this potent booster helps relieve fatigue and dullness caused by environmental aggressors.


    SKIN TYPE: Ageing skin, dry, dull skin



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