• Dr. Jart+ - Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask

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    Moisturizes your skin while you sleep.

    Hydration sleeping mask designed to deeply hydrate and protect skin's own moisture barrier.

    Night Magnet Technology : makes the condition of the skin better overnight and offers healthier skin.

    Aqua Soothing Complex : patent ingredient derived from plant glucose and xylitol replenish and protect skin's moisture barrier through hydration. Also, Phytoncide helps to soothe and via hydration.

    Double Hydra Complex : Hyaluronic Acid + Algae Extract support long lasting moisturization through protecting the skin's moisture barrier and strengthening skin via hydration.



    All skin type especially dry


    1) Apply generously to the face except lip and eye area before sleeping.

    2) Cleanse in the morning with warm water

    Tips:Use with a Dermask Water Jet Vital Hytra Solution mask for even better effect.


    In 2001, a young dermatologist named Dr. Sung Jae Jung was running his own clinic in Seoul, constantly creating and testing new creams that would, he hoped, provide safe and effective relief to his patients with serious skin issues. JinWook Lee, a young entrepreneur and close friend of Dr. Jung, was impressed by his expertise, and wanted to bring his new formulas to a broader audience. Three years later, the two men launched a skincare company, Dr. Jart+, its name a nod both to its founder and to the art of skincare. Starting with their heroic BB (beauty balm) creams, Dr. Jart+ quickly developed a sterling reputation among Asian skincare circles. Now we're lucky to enjoy them outside their country of origin.


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