• Dew It - On The Go - Body Polish

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    Okay, hold on. Roll it while walking?
    Uh huh, that’s right!

    Meet Dew It’s Body Polish, equipped with the Dew It Roller to massage your tired skin. Complete with UV Protection, this lightweight and cooling polish is here to race you to your next location looking 100%!

    A lightweight, UV protective formulation for a hassle-free glow.


    All skin type

    BPOM No. NA 18200102431


    Step One: Bring Your Dew It Body Polish in your bag/carry-on
    Step Two: Squeeze it on to your arms and legs
    Step Three: Roll and massage into your skin while walking, running, or even squatting… you decide
    Step Four: Glow all day!


    Olive Oil, UV Filter, Sunflower Oil, Niacinamide (Vit B3 for Brightening), Argan Oil, Vit E (Anti-Oxidant)


    Dew It was founded in 2020, with the idea that all women should be able to care for their body without spending so much time and effort to do so. With a quest to ensure hydration all day long, Dew It takes pride in being the first brand to claim a hands-free way to care for your skin. These products utilize the most natural formulations and is safe for all women, pregnant and breastfeeding included. Our goal is to support all busy women in their relentless work ethic to reach their goals. Here’s to all the active women out there!


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