• Accoje - Vital In Jeju Time Repair Eye Cream

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    Restore vitality and moisture to soften rough, dry skin around the eyes by applying this rich, nourishing, eye repair cream.

    Smooth skincare for dry, sensitive skin around the eyes
    The eye cream adheres closely to dry and sagging skin around the eyes, smoothing the skin by providing abundant nutrients and moisture to rough skin around the eyes.

    Oil and moisture balancing care for skin around the eyes
    Provides firm, elastic skin with intensive nourishment, soothing sensitive skin with a soft cream texture that provides hydro-radiance.
    Special skincare with water from pristine Jeju

    Aquifer water from volcanic bedrock located 420 m underground in Jeju Island contains abundant minerals, and helps to regulate oil and moisture balance for skin affected by the external environment.

    Contains Echinacea cultivated in Jeju Garden
    The Jeju herb “Echinacea”, cultivated using Jeju volcanic water is rich in nutrients and
    helps the skin to absorb moisture energy quickly and effectively.

    Made in Jeju Island of South KOREA


    All skin type


    1) After cleansing and toning, pat an appropriate amount to your eye area.




    ACCOJE is naturalism cosmetic brand, the name of which embodies the promise to “give the most cherished things” from the pristine environment of Jeju and also means “fine” or “beautiful” in Jeju dialect. 

    ACCOJE aims to resolve various skin problems so that the customers can gain healthier and more beautiful skin. To this end, optimum formulas, which exclude harmful chemical substances, are created based on research and development to take advantage of the benefits offered by natural ingredients obtained from Jeju.


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