• Accoje - Protective Dust Block Finisher

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    Pudding-like, bouncy polymer formulation enhances the volume level inside the skin to increase the skin's vitality

    The polymer formulation that feels like pudding volumizes the skin and enhances skin elasticity.
    A finisher cream that creates a dust-free area and protects the skin from urban pollutants and leaves the skin looking moisturized and radiant. Dermatologically tested for effectiveness in preventing dust adsorption and improving moisturization

    Made in Jeju Island of South KOREA


    EXP : 26 November 2021

    All skin type


    1) When you want to protect your skin from pollutants or when your skin feels dry, take a moderate amount at the last step of your basic skin care routine (before applying sun block) and apply evenly all over the skin. Depending on your skin type, you may use it as a regular cream, orapply it over a cream.
    *Use in the daytime: It helps defend the skin against harmful environmental factors during day-to-day activities. 
    *Use at night: It helps defend the skin against harmful environmental factors that remain on your bedding.




    ACCOJE is naturalism cosmetic brand, the name of which embodies the promise to “give the most cherished things” from the pristine environment of Jeju and also means “fine” or “beautiful” in Jeju dialect. 

    ACCOJE aims to resolve various skin problems so that the customers can gain healthier and more beautiful skin. To this end, optimum formulas, which exclude harmful chemical substances, are created based on research and development to take advantage of the benefits offered by natural ingredients obtained from Jeju.


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