Q: Are our items/products authentic?
A: Of course, we take pride in selling 100% AUTHENTIC items/products.

Q: What if I have questions about the orders/products?
A: We will be more than happy to help with any questions regarding the orders/products through our LINE: @heyglow (with @) or Email: hello@hey-glow.com. 

Q: What does the sign BACKORDER on a product mean?
A: It means the product is open for pre-order.

Q: Can I purchase a BACKORDER item? And what is the condition?
A: Yes, you can as long as the item is not sold out. You may purchase the item(s) per normal and make payment in 1 x 24 hrs. Item(s) will be shipped on the stated ready date at the description.

Q: What does the sign BACKORDER and SOLD OUT mean on a product?
A: It means the product is sold out but we are restocking. However, the date of arrival is not confirmed therefore it is  not open for purchase. If you are keen on purchasing without a definite arrival date, please feel free to Line us.


Q: How do I change my account details?
A: Go to “Log in” to update any detail you wish to change on your personal profile.

Q. I forgot my user ID/password. What should I do?
A: Click “Log In” and then click “Forgot Password”. Follow the instruction to change / reset your password. 


Q: Where can we make our order/purchase?
A: ALL orders can only be made through www.hey-glow.com

Q: Is it safe to order online?
A: Our goal is to satisfy every single customer and we will guarantee to dispatch your order as soon as possible after we have received your payment. If you have any doubts about our safety, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Where is Hey,GLOW based?
A: Hey, GLOW is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Q: Can I reserve stocks/items when I add to cart?
A: No, we do not reserve the item(s) in your cart that has not been checked out.

Q: Can I amend my order once it is placed?
A: If you need to amend any details (such as delivery address,) please contact us immediately at hello@hey-glow.com and quote your ORDER ID. Please note that once an order has been shipped they cannot be cancelled or amended.

Q: How do I know if my order was successful?
A: If your order is successful, you will receive an automated e-mail to confirm that your order has been received and is being processed. If you have paid and confirmed the payment but have yet to receive an email, please check your SPAM. 

If we have not received the payment confirmation from you within 24 hours after the order is placed, your order will be automatically cancelled and you will receive an e-mail from us.

Q: Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?
A: Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled, unless you fail to complete your payment within 24hrs.

Q: What if I forgot to pay in 24hrs and my order has been cancelled automatically?
A: Make a new order.

Q: How is the shipping fee calculated?
A: The shipping fee per kg is calculated automatically based on JNE rate with originating city as Jakarta. If your order is more than 1kg then another shipping fee will apply.

Q: How will my order be packaged?
A: Your order will be delivered safely in Hey, GLOW’s signature packaging. Any fragile items will be covered in bubble wrap.

Q: When will I receive my order?
A: Please allow 1 - 7 working days for domestic shipping (Indonesia), depending on the destination. More distant cities might require longer shipping time.

  • JAKARTA AREA. Estimated delivery time: 1-5 working days after shipment.
  • OTHER CITIES IN INDONESIA. Estimated delivery time: 2-7 working days after shipment.

We recommend JNE YES if you need your product to reach your place by 1-2 working days. Delay might occur during public holidays.

Special circumstances might apply if you purchase a preorder item or any item low in stock. Either way,  you will receive an e-mail confirmation once your order has been shipped. 

Q. Can I track my order?
Yes. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number in the e-mail. Tracking your order can be done via www.jne.co.id


Q: What payment methods does Hey, GLOW accept?
At this moment we only accept bank transfer. Once you have transferred the payment, please proceed with confirm payment so we can start processing your order.

Q: How does payment work?
When you place an order at Hey, GLOW, you will receive an automated e-mail in your inbox with the payment instructions. Once you have transferred the amount, please confirm payment and we shall proceed your order immediately.

Q: How do I use my coupon code?
In the payment section there is a box for your coupon code. Please enter a valid coupon code and click “Apply.” The total amount you have to pay will be automatically updated with the discount. 


Q: How do I return or exchange an item?
We do not accept any returns or exchanges unless the products received is broken. 

If item(s) received is broken, please kindly contact us in 1x24 hours after the delivered date of item(s) with your Order ID and picture of the broken item(s) and we will be more than happy to send you a new one with free shipping. The broken item(s) must be returned to Hey, GLOW's HQ for our review. 

Complaints made after 1x24 hrs since the delivered date will be regarded as invalid.

No refund is allowed.